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FemJoy definitely knows which part of your body to attack first with their high quality porno. They also know that if they can offer members a reliable schedule of daily picture sets updates, and two video updates weekly, you are going to start paying attention and looking at them for more excellent porno. The porn industry only allows the pornsites that produce continually to thrive and really be something, the rest are just posers and imitators not worthy of your time. These guys are worth the space and time that they take up cause of the photography exoticness of the beauty of the gals that they have.


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The tour page and the homepage look very similar from where we are sitting, cause they are. You can check out the magazine style cover theme for the site and the design used is awash with options. The site has optimized the mobile version for clients so that they get the right formats. The picture settings are ridiculously good with the portfolio showing you all the things you require in terms of information and data. The models page has over 750 models to check out. For the sample models we checked out, the range of beauty goes from anything between an A and A+ really!

They have more than 650 videos by now with access still being maintained at a very easy level for users. The details of the videos include nice thumbnails that you can check out, descriptions, rating, comments. Members are restricted to commenting five times daily just to make sure everyone gets a turn to shout out how much they loved what they saw. It’s all good. The archives contain the old galleries and videos. You will find familiar formats like wmv, QuickTime, iPhone, and the flash player is online ready for streaming the content.

Minor issues we had with the flv player included it being needed to be reloaded, but we hope they have fixed this. The ladies turn on the charm and seduction but no real outward pouring of hardcore from the selection here. It’s more erotica natured. The models are comfortable in whatever activity they are engaged in, stripping and undressing for you, cooking up the desire and sensuality with each ticking second without any rush. The producers are also very good since they make the content in HD quality.

The pictures contain quality of high res beauty, pixels that reach the 4k range easily which is really large for pictures, multiple pictures something like over ten thousand last time we tried to count them all. If we were to compare, we think the quality of the pictures proves to be on a higher level than the videos, just saying! The site stands alone, no real included bonus networks or anything, just them. They can satisfy you accordingly just on their own. Our conclusion is that “if beauty = horny pleasure for you”, you need to join with the FemJoy discount right now. They represent what you need in all the right ways.